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Jim Obergefell partners with Pride Portraits

On April 5th, 2018 Jim joined Pride Portraits and Jenni's Noodle House for
the unveiling of the BeVisible Pride Wall painted by a Pride Portraits artist.






In this time of emboldened resistance to equity and equality, Pride Portraits is honored to be the organization to give Houston a Pride Inspired Paint Wall. This wall is an extension of our mission to give people a platform to be visible, represented and humanized. Unfortunately, Houston has lost two Pride inspired paint walls in 2018 so it is our hope that people who identify within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum will be reminded that they are not alone and they have the support of Houston's ever-growing LGBTQIA+ community and our extraordinary allies when looking at this wall.

Pride Portraits BeVisible Pride Wall Team

Jim Obergefell, Marriage-equality plaintiff


Ohio resident Jim Obergefell says he took all of a New York minute to decide to fly to Houston for the unveiling of the mural. “It’s just as Harvey Milk used to say: We as a community have to come out. We have to introduce ourselves, to be seen and known for who we are. It’s the only way things will change,”

Eric Edward Schell, Pride Portraits Creator


"The original Pride Portraits backdrop is a broad representation of a Pride Flag, including many colors not on the tradition rainbow flag. To represent the entire LGBTQIA+ spectrum.The wall will do the same. We also want to make a visual statement to the trans community to let them know they are seen, heard and loved. The Texas transgender community faced a national and state level attack during the 85th Texas legislative session."

Hugo Perez, Pride Portraits Artist


It’s so important that we do not forget that transgender woman of color were integral in the gay liberation movement. More often than not, these communities are relegated to the margins of society. The final design of the mural aims to highlight and celebrate each letter of the LGBTQIA spectrum. 

Jenni and Scott, Jenni's Noodle House Owners


Jenni Tranweaver and her husband, Scott, own four locations of their popular Vietnamese restaurant. They hope the Pride Wall will contribute to a better future for American youth. “We want to participate, to help young people feel safe and comfortable to rise up and speak out about who they are,” Jenni Tranweaver says. “We love the Heights and think it’s the perfect location for it.”

Selected BeVisible Press

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