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What to expect

Pride Portraits provides a platform to be

visible, represented and humanized.

* To best respect our mission, Pride Portraits will only photograph individuals and people in a relationship. We apologize in advance for not being able to accommodate groups of friends.

* We ask that you please come camera ready to ensure the best possible photograph. As for attire, solid colors are best but most importantly we want you be be comfortable and representative of who you are.

* Pride Portraits consists of two parts. A photograph and a statement from each participant. Your statement must be submitted at the time of your shoot. Don't worry there will be someone to assist you with this. 


Can anyone take a Pride Portrait?
Yes. We host open photoshoots and we partner with other organizations. Everyone is welcome to participate in the campaign. Please LIKE our social media pages, that's the best way to find out where we will be next.

When will my Pride Portrait be released?
Most of the time, two weeks after your photo shoot. Please allow for life events and a busy schedule to delay release. We are a very small team and do everything in house.

How much does it cost to be a part of the campaign?
Pride Portraits is free to participate. This allows us to do our work and not have to turn anyone away because of their economic situation. We do however accept tax-deductible donations to our 501(c)(3), but that is not a requirement.

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