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Clothing Designer, Stylist and Musician Daniel Musto joins former classmate, Pride Portraits Founder Eric Edward Schell to talk about their childhood growing up together and over coming years of bullying to being successful adults in their respective fields.

Pride Portraits Founder Eric Edward Schell meets and photographs AIDS Quilt Creator, Cleve Jones in San Francisco. Hear Cleave tell his story and see what he's working on in the movement now. 

Pride Portraits Founder Eric Edward Schell speaks at Facebook headquarters in a globally broadcast panel about their work and activisim.  

Founder and President of Pride PortraitsEric Edward Schell, has a conversation with their former high school bully. In this productive conversation they both discuss their youth and the struggles they both went through.

Pride Portraits Founder Eric Edward Schell talks about why they wanted to meet and photograph Cleve Jones and Hilliary and how their stories intersect. 

Pride Portraits Founder Eric Edward Schell speaks with Creative Mornings about creating a platform for LGBTQIA+ community using both photography and activisim. 

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